NIFs (Native Implemented Functions) are used in Membrane Framework as wrappers for C libraries. Since using NIFs has many drawbacks and can even crash Erlang virtual machine during the runtime, we use them only when absolutely necessary or it makes no sense to rewrite a complicated piece of code from scratch.


To simplify and unify the process of writing and compiling NIFs, we use our own build tool - Bundlex. It is a multi-platform tool that provides a convenient way of loading, compiling NIFs in elixir modules. For more information, please visit Bundlex's GitHub page.


Generally, Writing NIFs require creating a lot of boilerplate code and programmer's efforts. To make this process more pleasant, Membrane Framework exports tool Unifex that is responsible for generating interfaces between simple C libraries and Elixir on the base of short .exs files.

A quick introduction to Unifex is available here.

Membrane Common C

Membrane Framework also delivers some useful C routines which might be useful for creating many native modules. It exports the following functionalities:

  • methods used for sending logs to Membrane.Log.Router
  • implementation of RingBuffer
  • abstraction over SHM payload (using shmex)

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