Due to the performance issues, we implemented our own system for managing logs. It also allows filtering messages on the basis of tags, so it is possible to display only logs from the specific module or referring to the specific task.


Just add use Membrane.Log in your module. If you want to add the default tags to each logged message, you can pass them by macro's argument, i.e. Membrane.Log, tags: [:my_tag1, :my_tag2]

Then, you can invoke functions Logger.debug, Logger.info, Logger.warn, and Logger.warn_error in your module. Your logs will be sent to the router that will dispatch them to appropriate logger instances.


Logging configuration is stored in your app configuration file. Sample configuration looks like this:

config :membrane_core, Membrane.Logger,
  loggers: [
      module: Membrane.Loggers.Console,
      id: :console,
      level: :debug,
      options: [],
      tags: [:all],
  level: :info

loggers variable declares all logger instances that are created upon the application start. level is the minimal level of a log, that is sent to the router (changing this value requires recompilation to make changes). Selecting a higher level may improve the performance of your application.

You have to make sure, that logger module is available in your application. To use Membrane.Loggers.Console, you have to add it as a dependency to your mix.exs:

{:membrane_loggers, "~> 0.2.0"}

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